Resin Brake pads


  • Excellent braking powerMulti-Metallic disc brake pads for great initial bite.Short break-in period,Stable,Durable,Low disk wear and comfortable braking feel, stable performance in wet or dry conditions.
  • Gentle brakingDisc brake pads for shimano have smooth braking offers predictable and progressive power.
  • MuteMulti-Metallic brake pads make less noise than sintered metal pads and offer better modulation.
  • Widely used for bicyclesCompatible with Shimano XTR M965 M966 M975, Saint M800, Deore XT M765 M775 M776, SLX M665, Deore LX M585 T665, Hone M601, Deore M535 M595 M596, Alfine S500 S501, Non-Series M545 R505 T605
  • Excellent after-sales service Hyuhome brand bicycle accessories support for up to six months of unreasonable return and exchange. As long as you encounter problems during use, you can find us for free replacement. You can contact us by email or whatsapp, we will do it for you Provide a prompt reply within 24 hours!Installation video: After-sales WhatsApp: +8613213105602

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Intimate design:
【Anti-wear copper fiber wire】
Copper fiber performs better in the actual braking process than adding brass powder or iron fiber and resin to make the film better and more wear-resistant. Good heat dissipation performance and low thermal attenuation.

【For your health】
Although asbestos has fire resistance and thermal insulation properties, asbestos fibers can induce asbestos lungs, pleural mesothelioma, etc., so we adopt a non-asbestos formula to ensure healthy and green riding for riders

【Kevlar fiber, anti-wear material】
It is made by pressing copper fiber yarn, Kevlar fiber, high abrasion resistance resin and other materials and baking it at 200+°C for 24H continuous high temperature.
Fast heat dissipation, low attenuation, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance, longer life than ordinary resin!

When do you replace your brake pads?
Jinjiayue recommends not letting the pad’s braking material wear thinner than 0.9 mm, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to replace them sooner than that. My personal rule is to not let the pads get any thinner than the thickness than a dime. You’ll also know that they have worn much too thin once the pad spring starts making contact with the rotor. If that is happening you know that you should have replaced the brake pads awhile back!

Package Contents:
2 x pairs of 4 disc brake pads
2 x springs
3 x pairs of 6 disc brake pads
3 x springs
4 x pairs of 8 disc brake pads
4 x springs