Hyuhome Adult electric bicycle for women men 18650 Lithium Li-ion Battery E-Bike Battery 48V 10/13A 250W/350W Electric MTB Bike


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✔【Long Battery Life】Using high-quality lithium ion battery, combined with high-strength BMS protection board, battery charge and discharge cycle up to 1000 times, life expectancy of up to 5 years, battery normal full charge takes about 3-5 hours, battery for 250/350W motor
✔【Safety and Environmental Protection】 The battery core uses lithium-ion environmental protection materials, which not only has stable battery performance, but also built-in overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, so that your safety is not threatened, and a well-designed battery. Anti-theft device to protect you from battery lost
✔【Easy to Use】Accurate battery display gives you a clearer understanding of the remaining battery power, avoid battery power off when riding.
✔【High Discharge Efficiency】The battery can work at a temperature of -20~60°C, and the discharge efficiency can reach 95%. Make full use of the battery, and the riding distance is longer. When the battery is not used, the self-discharge rate does not exceed 3%. It can save battery power
✔【After-Sales Service】The battery warranty is 12 months.Note: Our battery is Hyuhome brand bicycle battery. If you use other bicycles, please contact me via email support_hyuhome@163.comor whatsapp/Skype/Telegram: 13213105602 to confirm whether the battery is suitable for you!

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– Voltage: 48V

– Capacity: 10Ah (480Wh)

– Maximum discharge current: 10A

– Maximum charging current: 3A

– Standard charging voltage: 54.6V

– Charging temperature range: 0~45℃

– Discharge temperature range: -20~60℃

– Dimension: 10*10*30cm

– Charging time: ≈4-5h (2A charger)

– Product net weight (main body + accessories): About 3.1KG

– Operation Temperature Range: Charge: 0~45℃ / Discharge: -20~60℃


-Anti-theft lock, with a handle to facilitate home charging.

-Indicator light shows the power of battery and remind charging the battery in time.

-Can be chagred and dischanged more than 1000 times.

-The battery inside plus PVC film waterproof, with taillight reflector, aluminum alloy shell.

-Anti-overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, balanced voltage.

-Small size, light weight, easy to carry, sufficient power, long mileage, long service life, high-quality battery core capacity, guarantee mileage.

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Package includes:

1 x Battery

If you need British or European standard chargers and battery bases, please contact our customer service!