Bicycle Rear Rack Retractable


  • ✔ High load capacity and compatibility The dimensions of this universal shelf are 48x15x38cm and the maximum load capacity is 25kg. It is suitable for 24 “26 28” mountain bikes, road and folding bikes, commuter bikes, fat bikes, etc. Place all the items you need, such as duffel bags, backpacks, child seats, etc. Relax your shoulders and hands. and let yourself be guided without worries.
  • ✔ High quality material The rear rack of the electric bike is made of high strength lightweight aluminum alloy, which is not easy to deform or bend, and is equipped with stainless steel screws, which is completely anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The luggage rack is suitable for bicycles with V brake and disc brake, does not add pressure to the ride, can be ridden in any weather and has a long service life.
  • ✔ Side protection frame Hyuhome durable stand adopts triangular fixed design as side protection frame, which can protect objects from scratches on wheels or spokes and ensure stability while driving. Suitable for sports, camping and commuting.
  • ✔ Easy to install The rear bike rack only takes 3-5 minutes to quickly disassemble and install! We have the YouTube installation video. 200mA USB waterproof bicycle taillight to protect your night riding safety! Hyuhome luggage racks can be attached to the seat tube by simply tightening a few screws. All necessary fixing screws and other accessories for installation are included in the package sent.
  • ✔ Bicycle rear rack set we give you a set of common accessories for bicycles. The box includes: bicycle rear rack*1, sun protection ice sleeves*1, puncture-proof tire pads*2, luggage elastic strapping rope*1, bicycle 4-piece set is The best quality choice for home use and gift giving.

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Universal rear bracket HYUHOME load capacity 25 kg aluminum alloy

 ●Features of bicycle rear rack:

-General: suitable for mountain bikes, street bikes and folding bikes.

-Adapt to disc brakes.

-Leggero, but can support heavy loads, with a maximum load capacity of 25 kg/55 lbs.

-Quick release or assembly on the seatpost. Easy to install and equipped with tools.

-Heated and sturdy, beautiful accessories for your electric bike.


✔Material: Aluminum alloy

✔Color: black

✔Weight: 850 grams

(A person with an actual weight of 50 kg cannot afford to sit in the back seat)

✔Complex size: 48x15x38 cm

✔Bike size: 24″-28″ pneumatic

✔Applicable brake type: V brake, disc brake

✔ Seat plate size: 35*15cm

✔Instrument purpose: to store backpacks, bags, daily necessities, small items that are not easy to store, small boxes, various bags, etc.

●Upgraded sun protection ice sleeves:


Color: black, white

Material: 90% cotton


1. Cool, breathable and high elasticity, a good choice for sun protection in summer.

●Stab-resistant tires:

The stab resistance rate is as high as 90%, especially for long-distance riding. The upgraded version of the new thin and light polyurethane polymer composite material,

The material is light and does not increase the burden of riding.

Size: 26 inches mountain bike, length 2100mm, width 40mm

●Helmet elastic straps:

Elastic rope size: 60CM, stretch length: 110CM

The 4-piece gift box contains:

✔2 * stab-resistant tires

✔1 * Bicycle rear rack

✔1 pair of sun protection ice sleeves

✔1*Helmet frame elastic band