720/820 Battery


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  • ✔Long Battery LifeUsing high-quality lithium ion battery, combined with high-strength BMS protection board, battery charge and discharge cycle up to 1000 times, life expectancy of up to 5 years, battery normal full charge takes about 5-7 hours, battery for 36V 12.5AH 250W motor
  • ✔Safety and Environmental Protection The battery core uses lithium-ion environmental protection materials, which not only has stable battery performance, but also built-in overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, so that your safety is not threatened, and a well-designed battery. Anti-theft device to protect you from battery lost
  • ✔Easy to UseAccurate battery display gives you a clearer understanding of the remaining battery power, avoid battery power off when riding.
  • ✔High Discharge EfficiencyThe battery can work at a temperature of -20~60°C, and the discharge efficiency can reach 95%. Make full use of the battery, and the riding distance is longer. When the battery is not used, the self-discharge rate does not exceed 3%. It can save battery power
  • ✔After-Sales ServiceThe battery warranty is 180 days. The battery is suitable for 820/720 model electric bicycles. Before you buy, please check whether your electric car matches the model.If you use other bicycles, please contact me via email support_hyuhome@163.comor whatsapp/Skype/Telegram: 13213105602 to confirm whether the battery is suitable for you!

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Category: The mountain bike battery

Driving modes: all electric, electric assist, pure human riding

Battery: removable lithium-ion battery (CE, FCC, ROHS, PSE, etc)

Capacity: 36V 12.5Ah

Range in all-electric mode: 40-60 km

Range in electrical assist mode: 50-80 km

Charger: Local standard input 100 ~ 240V AC, output 54.6V 2A, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection

USB jack: You can charge your phone while riding or charge the supported configuration.

▶Removable battery/BMS: With the 36V 12.5Ah 18650 Lithium battery, The BMS (Battery Management System) protects the battery in all aspects and prolongs its service life. It takes a full charge between 5 -7 h you can reach a range of up to 40-60 km per charge . With speeds up to 25km/h, It will get you there swiftly.Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to travel and back.

♥180 DAYS guarantee – built with the highest quality control, TAOCI e-bikes come with a 180 days guarantee on the frame, motor, battery and electrical components. In addition to continuous after-sales, we support you and your bike.