Hydraulic Bicycle Disc Brake Set


  • 【Sensitive brake】jinjiayue bike disc brake sets has safety guarantee, easy to install, simple to operate, no need for frequent maintenance. Don’t be afraid of steep slopes and rainy days.It is suitable for vertical mounting brake base and tilt mounting brake base. After receiving the brake, please install it in the corresponding front and rear positions.
  • 【High-quality materials】The bike brake lever and brake caliper are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, and the surface is anodized and frosted, which is corrosion-resistant,durable and wear-resistant,allowing you to ride worry-free.
  • 【Strong stability】Unlike cables, hydraulic hoses are not easy to kink, break, wear and rust.This is why hydraulic bike brakes are more durable and stable than ordinary brakes.jinjiayue mountain bike disc brake kit Manufactured according to strict production specifications, so it has a standard high quality.
  • 【Attention】There are two brakes in the hydraulic brake set, the left rear brake lever and the right front brake lever.The specifications of the left rear brake are F180/R160, and the right front brake are F160/R140. Adjust the brake handle by adjusting the screw to find the appropriate contact point.
  • 【Strong applicability】The design of the three-finger brake lever is ergonomic. This mtb disc brake set basically suitable for various models on the market, such as electric mountain/folding bike.

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    jinjiayue hydraulic brake kit has a powerful hydraulic brake function. Double piston hydraulic drive work, enhance safety and durability. It is equipped with original pads, no need to purchase separately, suitable for mountain bikes/city bikes/commuting/schooling/hybrid power brakes, three-finger alloy levers, with preset brake grip distances and adjustable distances.



– Brand:jinjiayue

– Product name:Bike brakes set

– Color:Black

– Suitable Handlebar Diameter:22.2mm

– Material:Aluminium alloy

– Braking: two-way braking

– Size:

Black hose length:

Front 80×0.5 cm/31.50×0.20 inch

Rear 140×0.5 cm/55.12×0.20 inch

– Position:Front/ Rear

– Braking System:Hydraulic (Right Front/Left Rear)

– Cylinder: integrated cylinder


▶▶▶Tips: Please check the descriptions carefully and confirm the specification of your original Hydraulic disc before purchasing.


▶▶▶Package Including

Brake lever * 2

Brake hose * 2

brake * 2

Brake pads * 2

Brake pad protection pad * 2



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